What the heck is Vegan Skincare, and can non-Vegans use it too?

Hello friends! I wanted to write my first blog on two questions I get asked all too often. It usually goes something like this, "I'm not vegan. Can I still use Glycelene™ Skincare?" The answer is, “Absolutely!” Allow me to explain. In the most basic terms, Vegan skincare is any product used on the skin that is made without the use of any ingredient that comes from, is derived from, or is the by-product of any animal. This includes milk, silk, beeswax, honey, pearl, krill, etc. Also, Vegan skincare products can never be tested on animals. Sometimes, there are also ingredients that can come from two different sources and be Vegan or non-Vegan. Sqalene is a good example. It can come from the liver of a shark or an olive. Another is Astaxanthan, which can be found in shellfish, and would not be Vegan, or the kind we use in our Pollution Protection™ Mist, derived from plankton, which is Vegan. Using Vegan skincare is a perfect way to help keep your skin healthy and youthful, which is why it is not only great for a Vegan, but will be incredible for anyone interested in healthy skin and looking good. When I came up with the concept of Glycelene™, I knew that it had to be 100% Vegan as well as natural and organic, not only because I’m an animal lover, but because I wanted to make a change in the industry. I wanted to prove that Natural, Organic and Vegan skincare products can be made every bit as luxurious and effective as the top brands which may not be Vegan or made sustainably or naturally. I lucked out by finding Eric, an innovative chemist who is a top expert in the field of skincare and focuses on formulating 100% natural, organic, and Vegan skincare products. He is now my boyfriend and together, with our partner Jacqui, we started Borio Laboratories & Glycelene™. The first Vegan skincare product that we hand-crafted together was the Vegan Ointment™, a multi-purpose petroleum jelly alternative. It is Certified Organic, Vegan and 100% natural. It’s so pure, it’s edible. We've only just begun! We are formulating Vegan skincare products daily and can't wait for the world to join us on our quest for safe Vegan Skincare!