Glycelene: Vegan Apothecary

As posted by Rachel Wood on Mascara Memories: Down along California's Pacific Coast Highway is a tiny hidden gem of scientific wonderment- Borio Laboratories. There celebrity makeup artist Kim Borio and her super chemist Eric are creating some of the worlds most incredible beauty products. I can honestly say this because their ointments are like no other.

GLYCELENE – Natural & Organic Handcrafted Skin Care

They will be showcasing their 100% natural, organic, handcrafted and totally vegan skincare at this weekend's upcoming International Spa & Salon Expo in Long Beach California. This up and coming new brand has been listed as a hot pick for a reason. They use the highest grade essential oils and all of their products do not contain bees wax or petroleum. They will be showcasing 3 of their hottest ointments- There's the Vegan Ointment which is awesome for men such as applying on shaving rash and wicked for smoothing out dry cuticles. The Beauty Ointment which is anti aging and can be worn all over the face like a mask at night. I tried it and woke up with skin as soft as a babes bottom. And then there's the Eczema Ointment which is a fab alternative to harsh steroid creams. It contains colloidal oats and a non irritating tea tree oil. This ointment lowers histamine levels with out destroying connective tissue. All of the products are unscented but just especially for this up coming expo they will be selling a limited addition scented Beauty Ointment which scent was helped created by me! Yes thats right, I spent the day in the lab and got to play scientist. (It made me wish I paid more attention in high school chemistry class) I tested out loads of various scents but in the end decided on a mix of Anise and Lemon which came out smelling like lemon biscotti cookies- YUM.