Uplifting, Brightening, Vitamin infusion

A luxurious facemist infused with hyaluronic acid and the sensual, Italian orange blossom that refreshes your skin instantly upon misting.  A stable form of vitamin C, plant stem cells of Madonna Lily and antioxidants such as Brown Seaweed extract are dispersed onto the skin to help with a more even toned, radiant complexion. 

Best for dullness, dehydrated or uneven skin types.

Instant hydration, powerful antioxidants, helps reduces skin redness, helps reduces hyper-pigmentation, provides protection against pollution, Hyarolonic Acid- hydrating and creates a moisture barrier on the skin.

Mist generously over freshly cleansed skin, before and after serums and cremes, to seal in hydration and enhance nutrient absorption. Follow with Stem C Serum for best results. Can be used to reset makeup for a hydrated look .