When to Start Using Natural Anti Aging Products for Skin Care?

It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin.  Anti aging is not just chemical peels, botox and eating right, it’s a lifestyle. One should start anti-aging at puberty.  That means sunscreen, lot’s of hydration, hats and sunglasses when it’s sunny AND cloudy outside.  If you’re not in the sunniest spot in the world, it’s still best to never smoke, eat a diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables (organic if possible) and get plenty of exercise.  Even today, everywhere I go, I always have a hat and sunglasses on if I’m outside; especially if I’m on one of my adventure’s looking for beauty secrets.

Anti-Aging Tip: Always wear a hat and sunglasses when you’re outside. (Me is Central America searching for beauty secrets Let’s not forget sleep and using excellent skincare! I started really taking care of my skin at the age of 15.  I would always have some anti-aging cream on my eyes and lips.  Back then I also used petroleum jelly, but that was before I knew how bad it was for you.  It’s the reason why I created The Vegan Ointment and The Beauty Ointment. I wanted people of all ages to be able to put on an ointment that is so safe and non-toxic, it’s edible.  The Beauty Ointment is the Ultimate anti-aging moisturizer with some of the best anti-aging ingredients, such as: Coenzyme Q10. This ingredient reduces fine lines and protects the skin from sun damage.  It is also an antioxidant that is made in the human body.  As you get older, your production of it goes down, so it’s good to supplement it in your skincare. Acai Oil. This oil is a great antioxidant rich in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9. Certified Organic (vegetable) Glycerin leaves your skin hydrated by attracting moisture to the skin and reduces irritation and inflammation. Certified organic Shea Butter forms a breathable moisture barrier on the skin and is one of the few natural butters that retains water. Antioxidants help fight free radicals that age you, such as smog and smoke. Glycelene is coming out with some amazing new anti-aging moisturizers such as serums and mists to compliment the Beauty ointment.  We will be launching these natural, organic and vegan products in the very near future!  Stay tuned by visiting my Facebook page: Facebook.com/glycelene.