Best Skin Savers For Winter - The Solution For Dry Lips & Skin

With the winter chill now upon us, have you noticed how your skin has an uncomfortable dryness? – Well it’s time to winter proof your skin! When your skin is properly hydrated it has a radiant glow and is at its healthiest, but when moisture is absent, the dehydrated skin cells turn over more slowly causing a build-up of dead skin.  In turn, your radiant glow has disappeared and fine lines are more pronounced leading to a dull complexion. Take my top winter skincare tips to ensure your skin has and maintains a healthy glow with Winter Skincare Products: 1. Clean your face BEFORE the shower with Glycelene’s NEW Cucumber Cleansing Water or Beauty Tonic. Use on cotton pads to wipe clean the face and neck. 2. Apply Skin Supplement - Luxury Face Oil BEFORE the shower. The outer layer of the skin is made up of the protein keratin and oil to protect the keratin. The hot water along with soap can strip the oil layer from your skin and dry it out. A moisturizer that is oil based will create a protective barrier on the skin. 3. Apply Beauty Oil right after the shower on wet skin. Wait 2 minutes before toweling off so you add moisture back in before the skin seals up. 4. Spritz Glycelene SEATOX Mist or Beauty Mist on your face right after the shower. This neutralizes the chemicals in hard water and adds hydration to the skin while protecting it from environmental stress and pollution. 5. Use 2 pumps of Glycelene Beauty Serum on your face, eye area and neck. 6. Apply Glycelene’s NEW Rejuvenation Creme to your face, neck & décolletage. 7. Last but not least, my favorite winter skincare tip- The Beauty Ointment . Apply consistantly on lips, lip area, eye area, décolletage and use all over your face once or twice a week before bed as a winter skin moisture mask. By using these winter skin products and techniques your skin will be so much happier and softer.

Some more winter skin tips are: 

  • Keep to warm showers or baths rather than hot and keep the bathing time to a minimum. This can also help to conserve water.
  • Keep drinking water (at least 8 glasses a day) as the skin becomes dehydrated in winter, especially indoors with the heater on.
Here is a bit more info on the best skin products for women and men: Glycelene Beauty Serum is a non-oily anti-aging serum which repairs & nourishes your skin naturally to hydrate, firm & reverse the signs of aging. Plus, patented technology protects the skin from the effects of environmental stress. The fast-penetrating formula goes deep to the living layers of your skin where the peptides, anti-oxidants and other botanical-based actives function most effectively to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Glycelene Beauty Mist is an alcohol free anti-aging mist with patented technology that transforms dull skin to a radiant glow. This luxurious rejuvenator balances skin pH levels and builds collagen with peptides. Brown Algae Extract is added as a strong anti-inflammatory while the Illite suspension reduces pore size. The Beauty Mist contains the essence of African Geranium and Grapefruit Peel Extract to renew your senses while it firms & hydrates. Skin Supplement - Luxury Face Oil is a lipoactive rejuvenation oil that hydrates, firms, reduces inflammation and balances complexion to give your skin a healthy glow. The Beauty Oil is a beautiful bouquet of soothing essential oils, emollient Shea Butter Esters and Daikon Radish Seed Oil that has the capacity to reach lower skin layers and to work on skin from the inside out. This unique natural, organic and vegan body oil has a combination of C18, C20, and C22 fatty acids which makes it stand out from any other body oil on the market today. The Beauty Ointment is a one of a kind anti-aging, breathable ointment doubling up as a cream and a hydration mask creating the ultimate organic beauty remedy because it is rich in Omega-6, CoQ10 and antioxidants. For these products and to keep up with all of the exciting things happening with GLYCELENE, please visit us at and like us on Facebook at