Best Eco-Friendly Packaging for Natural Skincare Products

Here at Glycelene we are not only passionate about our Natural, Organic and Vegan Skincare Products but we also care about our eco-friendly, re-usable packaging. Within all our best natural, organic, and vegan beauty products, we only use the highest and purest form of botanicals from land and sea along with the highest grade plant extracts and essential oils to optimize skin regeneration; so of course, it is only right that we have the best eco-friendly bottles to offer optimal protection against the aging process by using beautiful VIOLET GLASS. We know by using these eco-friendly glass bottle and jars, not only will it block out the harmful and damaging sun rays, but it will lengthen the durability and potency of our products. They look black until you shine light through them.  The light spectrum that penetrates the glass preserves and enhances the molecular structure of our natural skincare products. Not only do we use eco-friendly glass, but the components are eco-friendly as well.  The caps, pumps and European droppers are vegetable derived hydrocarbons, which mean they are NOT derived from a petroleum source and have a Zero-Carbon Footprint.



Another fun fact concerning this dark glass: viable seeds saved in violet glass jars have been pulled from ancient Egyptian tombs. This superior glass has been around since ancient times with early Egyptians preserving their precious substances in gold and violet jars. You can see why we at Glycelene chose this luxurious glass for our Eco-Luxe Collection, our Aromatherapy Collection and future Glycelene Collections. Let’s look at the benefits of violet glass:-
  • Increased Shelf Life
  • Reusable
  • Zero-Carbon footprint
  • Can be used afterwards as a vase for flowers
  • Jars can be used afterwards for storing almonds, teas, herbs or anything else you would like preserved
  • Superior protection from light degradation for natural vegan beauty products
  • Preservation of bio-energy
  • 100% recyclable
  • And finally very attractive to look at!
Now the Science bit! Think of the dark violet glass as an extremely effective filter protecting the oils from the light, enhancing the organic molecular life of the oils which dramatically increases their shelf life. The oils stored in these types of bottles are activated and energized by the violet spectral range which represents the highest domain of energy.   Hence our natural, organic vegan skincare products are of the highest quality with the best eco-friendly product packaging.