Keeping Chris Harrison's Skin Looking Young For 6 Years With Glycelene- Luxury Vegan Skincare

This Is Why Chris Harrison Hasn't Aged Since The First Season Of The Bachelor

Of all the relationships formed in The Bachelor and The Bachelorette's history, there is only one that's held strong since day one — and it's between host Chris Harrison and the show’s makeup artist, Gina Modica. To borrow a hyperbole from the man himself, it might just be the franchise's Most Successful Partnership Of All Time.

They're not linked romantically, of course, but the two have been working together since 1999 — starting when Harrison was a host on TVG Network — and they've been inseparable ever since. "He's brought me on for every show after his first appearance as host of The Bachelor in 2002," Modica tells us. "Chris is extremely loyal — not many are like him in the business." (Or in love, it would seem.)
Suffice to say, she's got his skin and makeup routine down pat. Unlike the show's contestants, who are responsible for their own beauty maintenance, Harrison doesn't have to deal with the shared bathrooms, helicopter-to-hot-tub-to-dinner dates, and luggage limit. "I've been taking care of his face for almost 20 years now, so he has a lot of trust in me," she says. "In the makeup chair, he's extremely laid-back and just lets me do my job."
Perhaps that's why it's so easy for him to keep up with his impeccably groomed brows, bronzed skin, and coiffed hair: Modica is always on stand-by, equipped with enough face powder, concealer, and foundation to last through a pageant. "Whenever he's on camera. I'm only a few feet away from him, so if he needs anything I'm there," she says. "I don't think he even thinks [about makeup] until he sees me standing in front of him with powder."
However, what we really want to know is how the eff his skin seemingly hasn't aged in 20 years. Modica gets asked the same question: "People ask me all the time whether he's had injections, if he's had work done, if he dyes his hair. The answer to all of those questions is no!"
So, what fountain of youth is he drinking from then? Apparently, it's all good genes — and a strict skin-care routine. "In all the years that I've been working with him, he has always taken good care of his skin," she says. Six years ago, she introduced him to vegan line Glycelene Skincare. "Considering that we're always shooting in different climates, and when he's not working, he's golfing or playing outside with his kids, his skin really never gets a break from the elements. Which proves if you are diligent with your skin-care routine and make sure you use sunscreen, you can at least slow down the aging process."
Another thing that's remained consistent throughout his career is his tan, which, surprisingly, is not the result of a good bronzer or self-tanner. "I ask everyone that I work with not to tan their face because it's hard getting rid of that orange look with foundation," Modica says. "He golfs a lot, so his face is always getting color." Very rarely does she have to bronze him, she adds, but if it's been a particularly pasty winter for the star, she has a fix. "There's only one self-tanner I have found that has zero orange in the product that you can use that on your face, and it's called Spray Di Sole. It gives you a great natural color."

"I don't use a lot of foundation on Chris — Most of the time I just conceal a few places, tinted moisturizer, and lightly apply powder." — Gina Modica

Modica doesn't take her job — or her friendship with the host — for granted for a second, either. "I've done his makeup on many beaches, islands, castles, and vineyards," she says. "We've been to South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Tahiti, Bora-Bora, Fiji, New Zealand, Iceland — the list goes on. I never thought when I started doing makeup that it would take me to all of these incredible places, but it's all because of Chris. It's amazing how one person can change your life." How's that for a happily ever after fantasy?