A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Glycelene Skincare

DAYSPA visited the Glycelene apothecary in beautiful seaside Dana Point, California to get a behind-the-scenes look at the products. Celebrity Makeup Artist and Skincare Specialist, Kim Borio, developed the Glycelene line to help her clients maintain radiant skin. Kim has traveled around the world to study skincare and how different cultures use herbs and natural solutions for maintaining healthy skin. Eric Borio, a cosmetic chemist who has worked with developing beauty products for some of the biggest beauty brands, joins Kim to create innovative natural products. At the apothecary, we had the opportunity to learn about the different products and their uses including Glyclene's Rejuvenation Creme, Skin Supplement Luxury Facial Oil and Beauty Serum. Kim has suffered from her own sensitive skin reactions to products which has inspired her to create products for those who have experienced similar skin issues. Kim explained some of the stories behind the products while Eric elaborated on the science behind their ingredients. The team often visits the locations where ingredients for their products originate, even if it means getting into a little bit of an adventure. They recently traveled to a tourmaline mine and camped out in order to find just the right minerals for a new clay mask.