Beautiful skin begins with dedication to a daily regimen using Glycelene Luxury Vegan Skincare products at home. Using a regimen at home will help create the perfect canvas before applying your makeup. Dull skin is the result of undernourished skin. Glycelene’s philosophy is all about nourishing the skin with our cutting-edge chemistry. Our formulations effectively stabilize and deliver premium organic ingredients to the proper cell layer of the skin using our Skin Nutrient Delivery Technology. ™️ Celebrity Makeup Artist and Glycelene’s creator, Kim Borio recommends this starter 7 STEP REGIMEN using STEP 1-LUXURY FACIAL CLEANSERMassage onto dry skin twice a day, add more if using it as a moisture mask. Rinse with warm water. Gem Polish can be added on top of Luxury Facial Cleanser for a deeper detoxifying face cleanse. STEP 2- GEM POLISH- Massage onto skin twice a week avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse off using warm water or warm, wet washcloth. STEP 3-CUCUMBER CLEANSING WATER-  Pump onto cotton pad and swipe across the face and eye area for an instant face cleanse. Do not rinse off. Use twice a day as a toner and as second cleanse. SKIN TIP- Use before and after the gym so you work out and sweat with a clean face to avoid breakouts. STEP 4-BEAUTY SERUM -  Apply to clean skin twice a day morning and evening. SKIN TIP: Apply under the eye area for a double treatment before applying Opalescent Eye Serum STEP 5-REJUVENATION CREME- Apply a dollop onto fingertips and apply to the face twice a day, morning and evening. SKIN TIP: The Rejuvenation Crème can also be used as an eye cream and a hand cream. STEP 6-OPALESCENT EYE SERUM – Use twice a day. Pat under eye area and on upper eyelid. SKIN TIP: Pat Opalescent Eye Serum around the mouth area to reduce lip wrinkles. Also pat on any area that has deep lines or botox. STEP 7-THE BEAUTY OINTMENT – Use as often as needed throughout the day and night on dry lips, around the lip area and tap under the eye area for extra hydration. SKIN TIP: Mix with Opalescent Eye Serum or one of our face Cremes for extra hydration. BEAUTY TIP-If your skin is very dry, Kim suggests adding on and using Skin Supplement Luxury Face Oil  which is a treatment for dry, flaky skin. /*-Once a regimen is in place, over time you can start adding on specialized treatment products for specific skin needs like our best selling face mist Seatox Mist and a Luxury Night Cream such as The Repair Creme. For extra vitamins and aromatherapy, try our Beauty Boosters Neroli Nectar and Natural Retinol.

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