Pampering Your Skin with the Best Natural, Organic and Vegan Skincare

The best natural skincare products are here! Glycelene’s new Eco-Luxe collection launched last month and it’s become a huge hit in the skincare world. A lot of people ask me if they can buy these organic products online. The answer is YES! Go to and click on Shop Skin Care. You can purchase our natural, organic and vegan skincare products in the comfort of your own home. You can also set up an appointment with me via email at and come into our Vegan Apothecary to get your skin pampered with the best organic and natural skincare. Your skin is under daily attack from air pollution, bacteria and viruses, as well as the environmental and climatic conditions. Therefore, skin care plays an important part in our overall health. For that reason, our range of 100% natural, organic and vegan skin care products are designed to help you keep your skin looking and feeling as healthy and beautiful as is possible. Women and men need to follow a daily skin care regime in order to maintain the health and vitality of their skin and reduce the adverse effects from the daily attack of pollution and microbes. A simple regimen of cleansing, toning and moisturizing combined with a healthy diet is all that's required to keep your skin looking smooth, healthy and vibrant. Anyone over the age of 25 should use our Beauty Serum. It’s a non-oily, hydrating skin saver with two different types of hyaluronic acid, peptides, botanical actives, antioxidants and a patented technology. This serum is our #1 selling product, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll know why. It is fragrance free, 100% natural, organic, vegan and most importantly, non-toxic. A lot of people like to use The Beauty Mist with The Beauty Serum. The Beauty Mist is an anti-aging mist packed with peptides, anti-oxidants, botanicals and an essence of African Geranium blended with a bit of grapefruit peel to give it the most luxurious aroma that invigorates your senses. For some extra pampering, apply our Skin Supplement-Luxury Face Oil on top of the serum at night or if you’re feeling dry during the day. This non-oily vegan face oil made with organic Açai oil, organic Copaiba oil, organic Andiroba oil, and organic Sunflower oil will help prevent skin sagging, reduce pore size, and hydrate and balance the skin’s pH levels. For the ultimate organic product to pamper your skin, we created The Beauty Ointment in French Lavender; a beautiful, breathable ointment that relaxes you while anti-aging your skin. You can’t go wrong with that! All of our natural organic and vegan products are amazing for pampering your skin. We are coming out with sample kits for purchase soon, so stay tuned. You can always follow me and Eric on Facebook to see all of our adventures and the latest news on Glycelene.