Yay, we won! 2015 has started off on a high note for us at Glycelene. All the hard work, blood, sweat and tears are finally beginning to pay off. Around the holidays, we decided to really open our Glycelene Apothecary up to the public to come in and buy. It’s become a huge success and business is picking up every day. Being open one year now, we decided to do a tradeshow, the International Spa and Salon Expo in Long Beach, CA (ISSE). We wanted to launch our next collection of all natural skin care products we called Eco-Brilliance. This launch of natural Vegan skin care products consisted of an Eye Repair Oil, a Natural Parfum, a Cucumber Cleansing Water, a Beauty Tonic and two Crèmes: The Repair Crème and The Rejuvenation Crème. It was a lot of products to launch at one time, but it was also a great way to test the market. The tradeshow was a huge success and all of our brand new products sold like hotcakes. The other products also did great and we sold out of nearly everything. The highlight of the show was when we went into the running for Best New Skincare Product of the Year. The competition was tough, but I knew our natural skin care products were the best anti aging skincare products at the show. The only problem was I did not know which new product to submit. I loved them all and one woman put it as, “picking your favorite child.” After thinking long and hard about it, I submitted The Rejuvenation Crème. My reason behind that decision is that this product compliments everybody and every skin type. I personally can’t go a day or night without using this Crème. It’s so cooling on the face and leaves my sensitive skin hydrated but not greasy. The Rejuvenation Crème won Best New Product of the Year for a good reason. In case you were thinking about buying a new face cream, let me explain some benefits of ours and why it’s one of the best skincare products for women and for men. The Rejuvenation Crème- An all-natural, vegan luxury cream that provides instant hydration and a radiant glow to the skin upon application is one of the best new products for aging skin. Formulated with GLYCELENE'S POWERFUL ANTI-AGING COMPLEX, using skin plumping Hyaluronic Acid, firming Peptides & Lipids that restore collagen and improve elasticity. This nourishing, light-weight Crème is carefully hand-crafted using the highest quality organic botanicals such as Organic Orange Water, Organic Sunflower Oil and Organic Shea Butter. Antioxidants such as Red and Brown Algae help as an anti-inflammatory and increase skin resiliency. Feel your skin transform while indulging in the refreshing aroma of cooling Cucumber Extract that helps soothe and calm and makes it one of the best skincare products for sensitive skin. WHO IS IT FOR? All skin types including sensitive skin and people suffering from rosacea, sunburn, sun damage, and windburn. BENEFITS: • provides instant hydration • help increase elasticity and firmness • provides protection against pollution • replenish, attract and bind moisture • anti-inflammatory • post sun care This vegan, all natural cream can be used day and night or anytime needed. It also works beautifully under makeup instead of a using a primer. Come in to our Glycelene Apothecary and try this winning product out or to buy beauty products online, go to and click New Products under the Shop Skin Care Tab. Cheers!